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Living-Foods: Personals: Marilyn Tonks

Id Number000134
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
NameMarilyn Tonks
LocationBethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
DescriptionI am in process and have consciously been in process for about 20 years. I am manifesting my holistic transformation into being perfectly healthy, exuberent, authentic, natural, prosperous, unconditionally loving, a successful creative writer exciting millions into their spiritual transformation, a good networker for spiritual transformation, an excellent counselor, in perfect partnership with the perfect mate for me, the best possible mom to my daughter and being a good friend to my good friends. I went on raw foods starting in March 1998 and have been reducing my weight rapidly and wonderfully. I expect to be at my perfect weight by the beginning of 1999. I feel great and look better all the time. I want to be on raw food forever if this is the way I feel!
HobbiesPlenty and evolving.
GoalsBeing a fulltime writer, eating raw and loving unconditionally are my major goals. See "describe yourself" above. It describes who I am now and where I am going.
QuoteI am so grateful to be on this planet at this time of great transitions! Chaos is part of change and we must expect it, the good with the bad. And yet, we are evolving so rapidly now, each one of us individually and in groups, that I see an incredible future for all of us. Meanwhile I am enjoying the ride!
Ideal MateHe is single. He is free from another relationship that could interfere with ours and choses to have it remain that way. He has the same eating habits as mine, therefore he is in perfect health. He has the same basic spiritual beliefs as I have and we grow on the spiritual path together. He is able to live in the now. He lives his truth and is not afraid of what other people think about either of us. He has gone through a difficult life and has come out of it wise, mature, grateful and caring. He is honest, authentic, straight forward and full of integrity. We have mutual respect, trust, caring and love for one another. We are commited to our relationship growing better all the time for both of us. We enjoy good passionate spiritually emerging sex that is totally satisfying for both of us. He is affectionate out of bed too. He is a good example of living prosperously in balance and harmony. He has a good sense of humor that I appreciate. He is open to new things and to new ideas. He has things to teach me that I consider valuable as I do for him. He loves and respects Mother Earth and her inhabitants. He likes to be out in nature. He sees all people for who they are as individuals and does not judge or criticize anyone for their religious, ethnic, racial, political or gender orientation. He likes to travel as I do. He is adventurous, enjoys life and loves to do things with me. He is resourceful and can repair things. We appreciate each other's creativity. We communicate well with each other and clear up misunderstandings with each other when they arise. We embrace and help each other to transform conflict in our lives. He loves my daughter (college age) as I love his children (grandkids), if he has any. His masculine & feminine are balanced and he is very much of a man as well. We are attracted to each other and enjoy each other's company throughout our life together.
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